Find out the Huge Importance of Leading Your  Team Successfully


When you start Building Your Business Team, the importance of Leading your Team Succesfully seems obvious.  You should know how to lead, after all, you ARE the boss and this makes you the leader and you will lead your team.  A lot of “lead” in there, so I have to ask…

Do you really know how to lead?

Leading your Team Successfully

Leadership is setting the direction for your business and helping your team do the right things to maximize your goals and move your business forward. 

Sounds good and should be easy to do. It isn’t.

I could tell you lots of sound good, warm and fuzzy stuff about how you  are a natural leader and your team will come together.  It’s not true.  Leading your team is hard work. It’s good hard work as the results are worth it, and the value you and your business will receive is enormous.

Leading your team isn’t just about making a decision and having someone else do the work.  That’s management.  You are a manager as well, another hat you have to wear in your business, however leading your team is different from managing your team.  Stay with me, I’ll explain more.

I love Warren G Bennis quotes and this is one of my favorites.  “Leaders are people who do the right thing; managers are people who do things right.


As the leader of your team, you give guidance, instructions, directions, as well as understanding the big picture and the strategies for what has to be done. You control who does what, who works with how and when it needs to be completed.
As the leader, you make sure your goals are met.  You don’t have to do the work, that’s why you have a team.  Your role is ensuring that who does the work, does it well and when it’s needed to be done by.  

There is a myth out there saying leaders are born.  It’s not true.  Leaders are made and you make yourself into the leader your business needs. Anyone who is called a natural born leader needs to be congratulated for developing their skills to appear that way.

You started leading your team by finding the right team members, As the leader, you make sure they have the skills and training to be able to do the work.  As you build your team, you delegate work to them and let them do it.

Your oversight is needed as you have the overall picture of where you want your business to go. You look to the future, meet your goals and keep the direction of your business going forward.


As the leader, you inspire and motivate your team.  The best team in the world will not be productive if they aren’t motivated.  

Whatever task they are working on, your team has to believe it’s important to your business and customers. Knowing it’s needed will motivate your team to work harder. When your team knows your business vision, they can also see the future and be working towards that vision.

You also motivate your team by acknowledging the work they do and thanking your team for their efforts.  Knowing when it’s time to give everyone a break will also motivate your team, as they recognise you care about how they are feeling. our team on their .


To continue to motivate your team, communication is essential. Sharing knowledge gives to your team.

As a good leader, make time to talk with your team. It can be one on one, calls, meetings, emails or newsletters. Spend time sharing with your team and find out just how much more engaged your team is with both you and other team members. Communicating with your team will help you learn more about them.  

Finding out how they think based on their personality, value systems, background, culture, education and personal life will help you learn how they process and understand the information you share with them. As a leader, you customize how you talk with each team member, based on what you know at the time.  Knowing how important communication is, and how it’s heard, gives you the ability to make sure your team understands what you are saying and does what needs to be done.

Honesty and Integrity

Your team will follow you as a leader when you are honest with them.

They know who you are and how you think. They trust your integrity and when questions are asked, believe answers will be given. They trust your promises and believe if you make a mistake, you will admit it.  They have the confidence to do the same for you. You do the right thing and can trust you do your best. Respecting your team and being consistent will earn their admiration and respect. 


Build the relationships in your team.

When they trust you, they can trust their teammates, strengthening their relationships with everyone. “Your team is as strong as the weakest member” is a saying that a strong team can overcome. As relationships develop with all of your team, weaknesses or barriers can be compensated for. Your team will help each other, which helps your business.  Your strong team develops strong relationships with your customers and people in your industry.  


Your business exists because you have a skill your customers need.  You are an expert in your field and you know how to learn and build skills.

You CAN build skills in leadership.  Building your leadership skills is as valuable as building your business skills. Continue learning how to lead your team, just as you continue learning your business skills.  

Develop your Team

Your expertise in your business gives you the understanding as you developed your skills, you must develop skills in your team.  Whether it’s your time or your money, both are an investment in developing your team. Grow your team into becoming leaders who can grow your business.

Solve Problems

As a leader, you find solutions. What your business needs, you find a solution for.  

Building a team is a solution your business needed.  Your team will need solutions to what they are doing or have to learn.  As their leader, you analyze issues and solve the problems they have.  Leading your team successfully is another problem you need to solve.  It’s a good problem to have, and one you can solve by understanding what being a good leader is.  Your skills as a leader are not only to solve problems but to also analyze and strategize so your business grows.  


Be positive and confident.

Your team looks to you for how to present themselves to the world. Show your team that you can work well with others and they can follow your lead. Positive thinking gives solutions to your team.  Confidence in your leadership gives confidence to your team to keep doing their job well and to bring their best.  A happy team is always more productive.

Leading your Team Successfully

As you grow as a leader, your team grows more successful.

Each skill you learn builds your own confidence and success as a leader.  As a successful leader, your team becomes more successful.  Your strong leadership inspires and motivates your team, who trust in your honesty and integrity.  Your team is great at communicating and building relationships with each other and your customers.  Your team has developed to solve problems and be positive and confident. Problems within the team are solved and your business grows more successful.    

You understand the Huge Importance of Leading your Team Successfully and how essential your successful team is for your business.

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