Dear Business Owner,

tanias portraitTania Shipman here and if you’re on this page chances are you all into one of the following categories.

1. You have one (or more) VA’s and you want to manage them more efficiently to Generate the best results possible.

2. Your business is growing fast and you need to hire a VA
to keep up the growth.

3. You have a thousand and one different ideas but getting
them all implemented is proving more trouble then its
worth. Having an effective and productive VA on your time
would allow you to start IMPLEMENTING rather than just THINKING.

I know because I’ve been in these categories myself.

I call myself an ‘ideas woman’.

I come up with ideas in the shower, while doing the washing or even when I’m sitting in front of the TV… ‘trying’ to turn off from business, perhaps you’re the same?

The problem was – there was never enough hours in the day to actually IMPLEMENT everything I wanted to do

…… and that’s when I turned to hiring a VA.

And trust me when I say, the learning curve was STEEP.

I went through a LOT of different Virtual Assistants before I finally started to nail down
the formula to hiring and maintaining a PRODUCTIVE one.

And it’s all down to one ‘common sense’ secret that most people just overlook.

It’s all about learning ABOUT your VA, what makes them tick and what motivates them…

… they are the foundation of your business and by building a true relationship with them – not only will the whole experience be much more pleasant on both ends…

… the results will speak for themselves.

And that’s why I’m here today,

To show you HOW you can effectively, and reliably build a relationship with your VA to extract the maximum value possible.

So without any further ado,


Productivity Profits is an extensive, yet simple to follow, training program that’s going to allow you to use my 6 years of experience managing remote teams and implement it in a fraction of the time.

bookThat’s right – you don’t need to spend the next 6 years learning, failing and stressing out on the learning curve…

...everything you need to know is inside!

Finding out WHY your VA does what they do
is the best way to start building a relationship that’s
going to grow your business.

What MOTIVATES your VA and how you can use that to tap into getting better value for your money.

The COMMON mistakes people often make, and how you can AVOID THEM. (Seriously, people lose their entire businesses by not treating their staff the ‘right’ way)

A huge list of FREE resources that are going to propel your business forward by utilizing your VA effectively.

The most efficient way to HIRE VA’s. By hiring the right people in the first place – you’re going to seriously speed up the whole process.

Understanding yourself. Before you can get the perfect VA, first you must understand your wants and needs.

Business systems. I’ll show you how to build AMAZING business systems that’ll ‘just work’.

Put simply, regardless of where you are in the VA process, whether you’re starting out on the road of hiring VA’s or if you already have a team and want to maximise their potential – this is the perfect guide for you.

bookEverything inside is laid out in a simple to follow manner. All you have to do is follow through the steps, and by the end of it you’ll have a
relationship with your VA and some
GREAT results
to match to that.

This IS the best way to improve your business, period.


The information inside this has been used to increase a LOT of VA/entrepreneur’s relationship, in turn creating higher levels of productivity and as a result, a LOT of money.

Often people overlook the importance of having an effective VA in their business – and it’s costing you big time.

An effective VA can add 5, 6 or even 7 figures to your business… and because of that – the information inside this PDF report is worth a lot.

But… I know the struggle, and I’ve been there WISHING that there was an easier way, and because of that…

I want this to get out to as MANY people as possible. 

Because of that, I’m NOT going to be charging the $197 I was told I should start this off at.

In fact – I’m not even going to charge $97 for this special launch price (But it WILL be shortly rising to $97)

If you jump in today, you can get all the information you need on how to grow a relationship with your VA for a better experience and higher profits starting at JUST $19.95

But hurry! The price WILL increase after each sale - so to get the best possible price, you need to take action quickly!

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That’s right - starting at just $19.95 for the information that’s going to PROPEL your business to success…


But don’t wait around – the price WILL be increasing very soon – so if you’re serious about getting your business on track, you NEED to jump in now!

You’ll get instant access and you could start seeing significant improvements in as little as 24 hours!

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To your success,

tania signature

P.S. I’ve been there… some VA’s can be frustrating BUT generate amazing work. Don’t fire them… this is the solution to keeping them without their annoying habits!

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