How to Record your Skype Calls with Evaer


Evaer SoftwareFind out how you can record your Skype call  with Evaer for your client and have it work every time.  Stop worrying about your recording software letting you down by failing or not making a great recording.

Keep reading to find out how to record your Skype calls with Evaer and get a good recording of your call.

I started looking for a product to use with Skype to make sure I was always able to offer my clients a good recording of our call.  I had tried Camtasia and it would sometimes have it fail or suffer an error whilst waiting for it to produce the video.  I tried Audacity and had some problems with my soundcard.  Audacity is a great program, however I had conflicts with some of my audio hardware.  Making sure it worked every time was becoming a pain.  

I need a software that will allow my business coaching and consultant calls to be recorded and be confident it will work every time.  I use Skype almost exclusively for all of my calls, as I’m in Australia.

One of the bonuses I offer from my service is a recording of our session. When software failed and the recording didn’t work, I had to make the call to let my client know they weren’t going to get their recording.  

Another hazard with recording calls is forgetting to press the record button. I didn’t want to ever again have to contact a client and let them know their record about all the things you worked on was not available. It didn’t happen often, but enough that I had to find a better system.

All of these issues were causing me concern, so I went looking for the best, simple solution I could find.

I started looking around and asking for recommendations. In one of my Skype groups, Evaer was mentioned as a great program to record Skype calls. I’d never heard of it so I checked it out.

How to Use Evaer with Skype

Evaer offers you a free trial to see if it’s what you need. It has limitations as you can only record for 5 minutes at a time, which allows you to test to see if this is a good solution for you.

When I tried it out, I found Evaer is one of those really simple programs that are incredibly powerful, does exactly what you need, and produces quick, fast, reliable, quality results. You can easily record your Skype calls with Evaer.

Evaer is a downloadable program that sits on your computer, laptop or tablet and works with Skype as a third party program.  According to the Evaer FAQ’s you can install it and licence it on any of your computers as long as you use the same Skype account.

Once you have installed the program, you choose your settings. You can choose where you save the videos and mp3’s, how you want it saved and a whole lot more.  Each of the options are easy to choose.  

When I first used Evaer, I chose to manually start recording my Skype conversations. What I found of course, was that I would forget to press the record button. So at the end of a Skype call I’d be in exactly the same boat with no recording made.

So I checked out the settings that are available on Evaer and I can automatically record every Skype call as soon as we connect.  I let my callers know this, and if they don’t want this to happen, I can stop Evaer.

You don’t have to choose to do this, but if you’re someone who likes simple solutions like I do, consider choosing the auto record setting.

What I love about Evaer is how it creates a mp3 if you chat or a mp4 if you’ve used video recording or shared screen during your Skype call.  A few minutes after your call is finished, the recordings are made.  You can email or upload your video to your client.

When I’ve used other programs like screencast-o-matic or Camtasia to record my calls, I would have to wait to ensure that the recording worked, set it up properly, wait for it to format, upload it,  and then send it to my client.  

You don’t have to do this with Evaer.  As soon as your call is finished it automatically creates the mp3 within minutes.  If you have used screen share during the call, it also creates an mp4 for the time you used it.  

Evaer is not very expensive around $20 USD and you can get a free trial

Since I started using Evaer, I haven’t had to worry about making sure my clients can always get their bonus recording.  I can also record calls with my coaches and people who provide me with consulting calls so I can go over what they teach me.

When I’m talking with my Virtual Assistant, I also record my calls.  I’ve added these in so you can see what they sound like as an example.

MP3 Recording is available on Soundcloud here

Watch the video example below:

I recommend you record your Skype calls with Evaer for everyone who is a consultant or coach.  It’s a simple, easy solution to make your calls available to your clients.  



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