Get the best value from your outsourcer or VA by filling in her outsourcers hours with tasks that can be done when they have time. This will stop issues where your outsoucer has nothing to do and is waiting on you. 

Now you can stop working to find work for your virtual assistant or outsourcer and start managing your business. 

How to get started

Work out all the tasks you have to do every week or month and consider giving them to your VA to do so you don’t have to. There are always tasks in your business needing to be done and you put off doing for your own reasons. They can be time consuming, repetitive, boring, or not part of your skills tasks, and they get left until you HAVE to do them. Then it’s a rush to get it done properly.
Once you have your list of weekly and monthly tasks, schedule a call/chat with your outsourcer and find out if she can do them. Some of the tasks could be already part of the reason why you hired your VA and some of them you will have no idea if she can do it. This is when you can get a surprise and find your VA has skills you never knew about. Your ourtsourcers hours are now used for your business.

If they don’t have the skills and don’t know how to do it, now you can find out if your VA is interested in learning how to do it so you can train them how to do it right every time and you can stop worrying about these jobs.
Before you groan and tell me you ‘don’t have time to train anyone!’, I’ve got an easy way to train any VA in how to do any job you currently have to do yourself. Record what you are already doing, with commentary. You can install Screencast-o-matic (free program) or Camtasia (Premium) to record what you do, or use your phone and record what you are doing as you do it.
There is no need to create a ‘training program’, just start recording and tell your VA as you do a task what you are doing, how you want it done, and then get them to do it! They can refer back to your video if they get stuck. You can also use the video to find out if your outsourcer knows of an easier way of doing a task, get them to record that for you, and save even more time.
As you set this up as an automatic system for your tasks, you will give your outsourcer lots of work to keep busy with. When you have no immediate work for her, she knows to start working through the task list, AND you won’t be paying for your VA to sit around doing nothing.
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