Mini-MeMany times when I’m talking with entrepreneurs, you tell me you wish you could clone yourself and make your own Mini-Me.
I don’t! If we could clone ourselves, how many of us would really want a second ME around. I get into enough trouble on my own, two of me, watch out world!
What you really want is not a clone, or even someone who thinks like you, because you are already doing it.
You just think you do.
A mini-me sound awesome except you now have two people who think, work, double-think, procrastinate, defer, dither and slack off exactly the same way. Doesn’t sound so great now, does it?
What you really want is someone who will do what you tell them to do, do it the way you want, doing what you have no skills or interest in and will do all the jobs you don’t want to do.
Your Mini-me would be just like you, bored, uninterested or have no idea how to even do it. Your Mini-me would end hounding you to let them have the fun stuff – leaving you with the work you wanted to get rid of by getting your Mini-Me.
Your perfect Virtual Assistant almost needs to be your opposite – your reverse Mini-Me even. If you hate accounts, find someone who loves them. If you hate content writing, that’s where you need someone who’s passionate about it. If handling customer complaints drives you nuts, get someone who both loves talking to people and knows when to kick it up to you to handle. 
SEO, sale funnels, auto-responders, web design, images, the list just goes on, out in the world is someone who loves doing it and able to do it for you.
Your Reverse Mini-Me, ok, lets stick with Virtual Assistant, can do what needs to be done in your business that you don’t want to do for whatever reason.
Make your business successful and find someone who isn’t your mini-me.
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