Train your VA to run your Business

Training your VA to Run your Business

Train your Va to run your BusinessAs a busy entrepreneur, your business is your priority. It consumes your time and you’re on call all the time.

Sound familiar? Would you like to take a break?

There is a way you can do it.

Consider training your VA to run your business!

When your Virtual Assistant runs your business, you can work on creating new products, finding more clients and growing your business.  You can even start a new business.  You are confident with your VA running your business smoothly while you concentrate on what’s important to you.

How You can Train your VA to run your Business.

There are a few simple things to consider if you want to do this.  If she meets your needs, start training her as soon as you can so you can free your time.

Do you have:

  • Trust in your VA
  • Confidence in her skills
  • Time to train her about your business

If the answer is yes to all, then you can really do this.

You can train your VA to run your business and start concentrating on your new product, business or interest.

Trust in your VA

When you can trust your VA to run your business, you give yourself freedom to concentrate on your priorities whilst you know the day to day running of your business will continue.  Your VA will handle the job and also know when to call for help. Trust is a big factor when you give control of your business to another person. When you can trust your VA to look after your business the way you would look after it, you can concentrate on new ideas and opportunities. A regular check-in for peace of mind will be all you need.

Confidence in her skills

Running a business requires essential skills. Your VA’s skills need to be able to do what your business needs or you can train her to have these skills. She has to be able to replace you in every part of your business. When you know she has the skills and the ability to do this, you start giving her more responsibility. Give her more of the tasks you do for your business. Start slowly and gradually move your business into her control. 

Time to train her about your business

This will take time. Even if you have worked with your VA for some time, there is a difference between working for you and running your business. Make sure you have time to train her in all parts of your business. Giving her information about customers, accounts, business relationships and so much more is just one part of your business. Checking that she knows how you run your business will take time.  If you want to free yourself, make the time and do it.

Not everyone can train their VA to run their business. It can be lack of trust, confidence and time as well as the need to keep control of the business. If you want to be able to do this and free yourself to concentrate on your business, only you can make the decision if you can allow your VA to run your business.

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Working Well with People

working well with peopleAs an entrepreneur, you have to work well with people so your business grows.  You need to work with partners, outsourcers, virtual assistants, people you buy from and customers you sell to.

Working well with people is a really important skill and once you develop how to, you can build your business.  

No matter how you do things, many people you work with do it a different way and have a totally different focus.  Expecting them to be the same as you, do it the same way or have the same mindset will not happen without a lot of work and trying to get them to change may never happen.

You will end up frustrated and they will not meet your expectations when they think they are. This is when you need to work out what to do to get to a better working relationship.

Working Well with People

Work out what causes your frustration and really look at it. Find out if it could be changed after talking or it is something that will only change with a great deal of work.  

When it’s something that can be changed, make sure you are really clear about what the issues are and how the change can work. Just saying ‘change it’ won’t make it happen. Be prepared to (more…)

Increase your Productivity with a Virtual Assistant

Increase your ProductivityOne of the biggest issues of being an entrepreneur is never having enough time.  Let me show you how you can spend time to increase your productivity with a VA! Stay with me, it’s going to get interesting.

You work hard as a business owner and an entrepreneur.  You have to be productive to build your business and maintaining that is time consuming.  There is just so much that needs to be done every day and getting it all done can be exhausting.

Many of those tasks are jobs that have to be done, but don’t allow you time to create new products, network, learn and grow your business.

Increase your Productivity
with your Virtual Assistant

You need a VA to help you with those tasks. Giving all that time consuming and time wasting work to your VA frees up your time and allows you to be more productive. Your assistant can double and triple your productivity by doing all those daily,weekly and monthly tasks that need to be  done that YOU don’t need to do.  You can keep working on the tasks that grow and build your business that only you can do.

Utilizing your VA to do all those tasks can allow you to be much more productive.  You now can concentrate on what makes you money, whilst the maintenance and little tasks can be done by your VA.  

Spend time to save time!

Every business owner has jobs they do all the time that are necessary. (more…)

Trust your Assistant to Handle Key Parts of Your Business

Why you should trust your VA with your business!

Trust Your VAGiving access to key parts of your business to a Virtual Assistant can be daunting.  You have given them control of some of YOUR business. 

In order to build your online business, you have to learn to trust your VA.  There is just too much to be done in a day and many jobs are just time wasters for you.

Just as the offline business owner gives his assistant the keys, a credit card and a car, you have to trust your assistant with essential access to your business. Trusting your VA and working with them gives you time to create, improve and build your business.

A trusted VA can do all the tasks that are time consuming, time wasters or just boring but essential so you are freed up to do what you do best.

So how do you build your trust in your assistant? It’s not going to happen in a few days, you need to build up your trust in your VA and build up their trust in you.

Consider these three things when you hire a VA and start giving them access to your business. (more…)

What you need to know before Hiring a VA

Hire a VABefore you hire a VA, you have to know the answers to these three simple questions.  If you don’t have the answers, then it’s going to be a waste of time and money to hire your VA. Take the time now to understand what you need before your Hire a VA.

Ask yourself:

  1. What do you want them to do
  2. What do you want to pay
  3. How much time can you spend with your VA

Hiring a VA can save or sink your business.  Find out what you need to know before hiring a VA by watching this video.

What You Want them to Do

When you hire a VA, you are hiring them to add to your business by saving you time and money.  When your VA does what needs to be done, you can do what you need to do.  That makes them a valuable resource.  So make sure you know what they should be doing so your VA is not sitting around doing basic work or even nothing.  You are going to only end up frustrated. (more…)

How to Hire the Virtual Assistant You Need

Your online business has grown and you need a Virtual Assistant

Right now, you have to work out what you need your assistant to really do.  Before you start looking and place the first ad, stop and spend some time answering these 3 questions. 

You have to know:Wants / Needs

  • What you need your VA to do
  • What skills they must have
  • What systems do you use

These questions will help you find the right assistant for what you NEED for your business.

Know what you Need

What you need and what you want are not the same things in an Assistant.

You might want a mini you, able to do everything you can, however, is that what you really need?  If you can do it already, why pay someone else to do the work. 

If you really need a mini you, work out exactly which parts of your business you need them to do. When you hire a mini you, remember they aren’t you, just similar, so be aware that they won’t have the same drive as you do about your business.      

What you may need is someone who can do the tasks that you can’t, don’t like or don’t want to do.  (more…)