Communicating With Your Team

Communicating With Your Team

Communicating With Your Team


Communicating with Your TeamI greet people I work with “How are You?”. This is my first opportunity each day making sure I’m communicating with my team. I listen to the answer and find out if it’s “good, how are you” to “omg, the world is gonna end”.

You gain amazing insights into your team and find out some problems you didn’t even know exist, by listening to the answers your team share with you.

Communicating With Your Team

I always ask this it’s my opportunity to check in with my team. The tone, body language and how the reply sounds changes how you understand the answer.

Talking with your team is an essential communication skill to help us all to work better. This is how we find out how the day will go.

We can ask each other questions like: (more…)

Wants vs Needs

Wants vs Needs

Wants vs Needs is really important with outsourcing.

I wanted a graphic designer to make images, create logos, make flyers and all that fiddly stuff that just takes up time if you aren’t really good at it. What I really needed was a VA who could find images to put on my blogs and posts, add in a watermark, make a few corrections and give it to me.

My want would have cost at least 3 times as much as what I needed and would have been a waste of money.

So I sat down and worked out what I wanted in my business, writing a long list of all the things I would love to have. Then I started going back over that list and marked what my business needed. The second list is ALWAYS much shorter. (more…)

Fill in your Outsourcers Hours

Fill in your Outsourcers Hours

Get the best value from your outsourcer or VA by filling in her outsourcers hours with tasks that can be done when they have time. This will stop issues where your outsoucer has nothing to do and is waiting on you. 

Now you can stop working to find work for your virtual assistant or outsourcer and start managing your business. 

How to get started

Work out all the tasks you have to do every week or month and consider giving them to your VA to do so you don’t have to. There are always tasks in your business needing to be done and you put off doing for your own reasons. They can be time consuming, repetitive, boring, or not part of your skills tasks, and they get left until you HAVE to do them. Then it’s a rush to get it done properly.
Once you have your list of weekly and monthly tasks, schedule a call/chat with your outsourcer and find out if she can do them. Some of the tasks could be already part of the reason why you hired your VA and some of them you will have no idea if she can do it. This is when you can get a surprise and find your VA has skills you never knew about. Your ourtsourcers hours are now used for your business.


Why You Don’t want a Mini-Me

Mini-MeMany times when I’m talking with entrepreneurs, you tell me you wish you could clone yourself and make your own Mini-Me.
I don’t! If we could clone ourselves, how many of us would really want a second ME around. I get into enough trouble on my own, two of me, watch out world!
What you really want is not a clone, or even someone who thinks like you, because you are already doing it.
You just think you do.
A mini-me sound awesome except you now have two people who think, work, double-think, procrastinate, defer, dither and slack off exactly the same way. Doesn’t sound so great now, does it?
What you really want is someone who will do what you tell them to do, do it the way you want, doing what you have no skills or interest in and will do all the jobs you don’t want to do.
Your Mini-me would be just like you, bored, uninterested or have no idea how to even do it. Your Mini-me would end hounding you to let them have the fun stuff – leaving you with the work you wanted to get rid of by getting your Mini-Me.
Your perfect Virtual Assistant almost needs to be your opposite – your reverse Mini-Me even. If you hate accounts, find someone who loves them. If you hate content writing, that’s where you need someone who’s passionate about it. If handling customer complaints drives you nuts, get someone who both loves talking to people and knows when to kick it up to you to handle. 
SEO, sale funnels, auto-responders, web design, images, the list just goes on, out in the world is someone who loves doing it and able to do it for you.
Your Reverse Mini-Me, ok, lets stick with Virtual Assistant, can do what needs to be done in your business that you don’t want to do for whatever reason.
Make your business successful and find someone who isn’t your mini-me.
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Build your Outsourcing Business Systems

Your Outsourcing Business Systems set out all the steps involved to create and deliver your products.  Your systems are what make your business work.  If you don’t have this information available for your VA to use, you are wasting time and money.

How to Build your Outsourcing Business SystemsYour Virtual Assistant will be more efficient and get more work done as you build your Outsourcing Business Systems. She will know what to do, what the outcome is and how to achieve it because it will be easy to follow and understand.

Building your Outsourcing Business System can take  time when you first start out and your VA can help you to set it up.

Your VA will be doing the work, so show her how you want it done. You may already have an existing business system, work off a checklist, or you can use a video to record how you want the job done. Ask your VA to follow the steps and record what she does. When she is finished, check her work and see if it’s been done correctly. 

This is the time when you need to be very detailed:  (more…)