It’s time to level up your business…

Generate more profit,
work less hours, all
while increasing

You NEED this...

 I’m looking for the perfect person to help, one-on-one, to increase their profit, productivity, and show them how to drastically decrease the amount of time they spend on their business.

Do I have your attention now?

Have your profits flat-lined and refused to grow?

Or even worse...

Have they actually started disappearing with no real indicator of where they’ve gone?

Maybe, just maybe, you’ve noticed a
drastic decrease in productivity?

Of course, it wouldn’t have always been so bad.

You would have set deadlines, goals, milestones and desperately done everything within your power to really meet those goals.

And often times, you would have met them.

Am I right?

But then, you slowly started to realize the deadlines got missed. At first, it wasn’t anything major. You were only two days off.

Three days. Four days… Until you wake up one morning, an entire month later, and discover you’re no closer to being finished than you were two months ago.

Am I right?

At the end of this page, you’ll know exactly what’s required to claim this exclusive special and how to move forward after you’ve claimed your discount.

But first, I’m sure you’re wondering why I’ve set up this big of a discount for you, and there’s actually a variety of reasons for it. 

What’s important to you is how I’m able to help you.

Think about this; 

What would you be able to achieve in your life if you didn’t
have to spend the 30+ hours a week on your business?

What if you were able to set a deadline, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the deadline would be met each and every time? What if every time you had to hire an outsourcer, a new assistant or paid for any kind of marketing, you were able to do so knowing your business is safe from shutting down?

The freedom and peace of mind from this is amazing……

trust me – I’ve lived first hand through this whole process –
and I’m here today to PERSONALLY guide you through and
help you achieve the same freedom that I now have.


Once you make your payment, you’ll be sent to a special page where you’ll schedule a time that suits you for us to talk about your business and how to increase productivity, generate profits, and spend less time working, just like you’ve always wanted.

On the call we are going to cover each of your day to day activities. What you do with your business, what time you spend with your family, or how much ‘downtime’ you currently take.

The reason for this is so we’re able to get a clear picture of how your business affects your relationships, personal life, and even family life. Often times, the stress from your business leaks into these areas which is one of the problems we’re going to solve together on our call.

The next step will focus on finding out what things you love to do in, and even out of, your business.

This is important to know so we have a clear
picture of what kind of time you’ll have to
devote to management, if any. Our goal
here is to free up as much time as
so you have the ability to focus on
more of the things you love, and less of the
things you don’t. It’s that simple.

The third part of our call will revolve around the problems you’re currently facing. The known and unknown. We’ll discuss the main reason you’re seeking out help.

The things currently working for you (and the ones that don’t) with the end goal to really key in on the underlining concerns holding you back, many of which you won’t even realize until we talk!

Finally, we’ll go over the information gathered, look at it from a thirty thousand foot view and present a plan of action specifically built to fit your lifestyle, skills, and capabilities. 

But you’re probably wondering…

Why am I giving this to you at such a
discounted offer?

Two reasons:

 checkmark          Because I use this special to qualify individual’s for my 
            monthly mastermind program

checkmark     Because I understand not everyone can afford the $1500
           price tag this usually  comes with and I know the struggles
           people face, so wanted to reward my customers for taking
           action by allowing them in at this heavily discounted 

By offering just one session at less than ¼ of the original price, I’m able to work with the individuals who otherwise, might not be able
to afford my knowledge. And while it’s certainly great money for
me, it’s not being put to use for those who might really need my

At the end of the call, there’s a very high chance you’ll see the value for what it is.
Understand the improvements, changes,
and gains you’ll experience by
implementing them and you might even
ask me to work with you moving forward.

I met Tania Shipman at Marketing Mayhem in San Diego last year. I was immediately impressed with her friendliness and helpful manner. She took the time to sit down and talk with me and my business partner about some ways we could increase our bottom line. In no time, she helped us draft up some strategies to go forward with our photography business. Her advice was practical and easy to implement. I would highly recommend working with Tania if you want straight-forward advice that propels your business forward.

norma rickman photo-Norma Rickman

I’m sure you’ve already guessed just how big of a difference this can make in your business. More importantly though, you’ve realized
just how many people are interested in taking this offer and start generating the business they deserve… 

Which is exactly why you need to read this next part, very

This session is not for everyone, and because I’m going to be personally helping each and every one of you – I can only help a few people…

You should already own, and manage, your own business. This
offer is specifically for existing business owners who are struggling with
a current situation and are looking for clarity on how to overcome it.

You must be willing to implement the information you receive on
this call. Because of how low this price is, I’m very picky about who I
bring in when I have clients who match this criteria that pay me full
price (and more sometimes).


If these two qualifications fit your current situation, then I’ll happily set aside some time to work with you. The only thing left for you to do is make your payment and schedule your call.

Here’s how the process works:
First, you’ll need to make your payment by
clicking below.

Strategy Session

After payment, you’ll be sent to a calendar to schedule a time for us to talk that works best for you.

Finally, you just continue on with your business until it’s time for our call.

But warning… Time IS a factor! 

This offer is only available to a handful of people.

I’m only one person after all…

I’m sure you can understand how it’s physically impossible for me to take on more than a handful of individuals. Not only will I be unable to focus entirely on you and your business, it would take away time from my family as well...

And that’s not fair to anybody.

So, with this in mind, I need you to realize this offer isn’t for just anyone who wants access to it. There’s a very strict criteria I follow
to insure the two of us can mutually benefit from our time working together.

In fact, once I reach my limit, I might remove this letter so I don’t unintentionally disappoint those who don’t schedule a call on time.

But until then, all you have to do is make just one simple payment
of $297 and schedule your call. To get started, just click the link below:

Strategy Session
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