Your Outsourcing Business Systems set out all the steps involved to create and deliver your products.  Your systems are what make your business work.  If you don’t have this information available for your VA to use, you are wasting time and money.

How to Build your Outsourcing Business SystemsYour Virtual Assistant will be more efficient and get more work done as you build your Outsourcing Business Systems. She will know what to do, what the outcome is and how to achieve it because it will be easy to follow and understand.

Building your Outsourcing Business System can take  time when you first start out and your VA can help you to set it up.

Your VA will be doing the work, so show her how you want it done. You may already have an existing business system, work off a checklist, or you can use a video to record how you want the job done. Ask your VA to follow the steps and record what she does. When she is finished, check her work and see if it’s been done correctly. 

This is the time when you need to be very detailed: 

  • Did you get the result you wanted?
  • Is it all done the way you like it?
  • Is there anything missing?
  • Was something added in by your VA and why?

Go over the whole task and make sure it’s exactly how you wanted it. Any additional work you need to do or ask your VA to do, has to be added to the Business System so it’s built the way you need it to be done. 

Now take the time (that word again!) and ask your VA about using the system. Find out if it was easy to follow and if there is any other ways to do the job. Often you aren’t aware of other ways to do the tasks and your VA does. If it’s easier, faster or quicker, consider changing your outsourcing business system.

As you keep on building your business systems, consider how many you need, if they can be combined and if they just need to be chucked out because they aren’t relevant. Building an outsourcing business system is not like building a house. With a house, once it’s built, you hand it to the owner and your responsibility is finished.  Your business systems will be built, torn down, remodeled, plans amended and extensions added as your business grows and changes.

As an entrepreneur, any changes to systems like Google, Facebook, WordPress and any other systems you use on line, can cause your business system to be totally changed to meet the needs required.

This is where your VA really can help you, because she will be the first one to notice that processes have changed. As soon as that happens, you need to have trained her to notify you and get your system changed to meet the new needs.

As you build more and more systems, it’s becomes easier for your VA to run your business and you can keep working on the important issues.

Your business systems are the foundations of your business and if they don’t exist, you need to find the time to get them created – by giving them to your VA to set up, so you can check them.

Let me know if you have any questions about building an outsourcing business systems in the comments below or ask me by emailing me on  I’m here to help YOU!



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