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Software Systems and Training

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Software, Systems, and Training

Software Systems TrainingIf you want to be more productive, profitable and have time for family and friend, my 3 Business Automation Principles will help you achieve this!

I developed these 3 principles over decades working in private and public employment, while working in Federal, State, and Private Organisations.  Every time I worked with a new company, I would find often all 3 being done the wrong way in the business.

Without the correct Software, Systems, and Training, every business was leaving money on the table and wasting huge amounts of time.

There was always lots of reasons why they did this, however, it was usually due to:

  • Old software not meeting their needs
  • Slow and dated work practices
  • No up to date systems, checklists or how-to guides
  • A lack of training for themselves and their employees.

Do you know, nearly every time it only took a few, quick, easy changes to lead to greater productivity, hours and even weeks of time saved and a more profitable company.

What About Your Business 

Are you as productive as you can possibly be, with the best and most up to date software, great systems where everyone knows what to do, and the best training available?

If you can't say yes or aren't even sure about what the question is really about, I'm giving you the opportunity to find out how easily changes can be made for your business!

Book a call with me and be productive, profitable and a time-saver!

WP Optimiser Review

You Need a Faster WordPress Site

WP Optimiser Review

Wordpress Plugin WP OptimiserWP Optimiser is an is an amazing plugin and I recommend you get this whilst you can get early bird pricing

This is an easy way to make your site faster for your visitors and keep them on it. 

No one wants to wait seconds to load a site and you will lose visitors when this happens. This plugin works on 6 different issues to optimise your site and keep people reading your content.

You need WP Optimiser,because it does it for you.  WP Optimiser is perfect for Business Automation and keeping your website quick to load.

The team who created this know what they are doing, are absolutely committed to quality products and customer support.  Not only does this work brilliantly, if you have any issues, you WILL get support.

So what's this all about?  Why do you need to speed up your WordPress site?  

Because GOOGLE is going to push your website down on rankings if it's slow to load on mobile.  It's bad enough your site is slow to load on the PC but on a mobile, no one wants to wait 20 seconds for it to slow.

Why You Need a Faster Site

Everyone knows Wordpress sites are usually slow…

And everyone tries to find ways to make them faster using a plugin.

What you might not know is that most optimisation plugins only do HALF A JOB...

You need to optimise your site to get higher rankings, lower bounce rates, have better conversions and most importantly, a better experience for your visitors.

In WordPress every time a page is loaded, all the extra “stuff” from your themes, plugins, database and, of course, your images, takes a lot of time to load.

I don’t know about you, but I often forget to optimise the size of my images, so it ends up making my page up to 10 times slower to load.  Then it’s a lot of work to go through and fix it all up, and then I forget to do it again. 

So your site is slowed down by lots of stuff you really don’t know much about, and it keeps on getting slower as you put more on it.

Did you know if your page takes 3 seconds to load, you lose 50% of your visitors?  What’s more shocking is, if it takes 20 seconds to load, you lose 95% of them!! You have an enormous problem!

Here's How to Make Your Site Faster!

Wordpress Plugin WP Optimiser 


Most current WordPress optimisation products use a cache, optimise your database or mess with Java or CSS, which can break your site in the process, leaving you trying to figure out how to fix it.  Your visitors can’t even see your page when this happens.

I reckon about 95% of these products don't do anything about your site graphics, which slows down your site a lot of the time, and the ones who do this, charge a lot of money!

WP Optimiser combines quick fixes and diagnostics to help you fix your speed issues and does it for the 6 biggest site speed issues.  Most others charge more and cover 2.

These Are The Site Speed Issues WP Optimiser Helps You Solve

Problem #1 – Hosting

Poor Global Connectivity Slows Down Your Site

FIXED - WP Optimiser diagnoses hosting connectivity issues in real time

Problem #4 - Un-Optimized GFX

Kills load speed & eat bandwidth

F|XED - WP Optimiser does lossless auto optimisation of site graphics

Problem #2 – Server

Poor Config & Inadequate Hosting Plans Cause Issues

FIXED - WP Optimiser diagnoses server config issues in real time

Problem #5 - Bloated Databases

Thrashes Your Server's Processor

FIXED - WP Optimiser does an advanced junk clean-up

Problem #3 - Plugins & Themes

Causes Load Speed Issues

FIXED - WP Optimiser tests theme & plugin load speed in real time

Problem #6 - Long Pages

Kills load speed and eat more server resources

FIXED - WP Optimiser allows users to enable lazy load on any page they wish


The product is currently on sale @ 75% off and you'll find an early bird coupon on the page if you are quick. 

You need WP Optimiser if you want your visitors to stay on your page, enjoy your content and buy your products.  Get it now!

Wordpress Plugin WP Optimiser


Business Automation 101

Your business needs automation.  No matter what you do, something, and usually a lot of things, need to be automated. Automation helps make your life easier and keep your business working, without having to spend hours doing the boring, repetitive work.

I've created a Facebook Group where we share and discover what can be automated. We find simple solutions to make your business more efficient and productive and it's free to join!

When you are ready to get serious about Business Automation, just click on the image and join us in the group, I can't wait to see you there!

Communicating With Your Team

Communicating With Your Team


Communicating with Your TeamI greet people I work with "How are You?". This is my first opportunity each day making sure I'm communicating with my team. I listen to the answer and find out if it’s “good, how are you” to “omg, the world is gonna end”.

You gain amazing insights into your team and find out some problems you didn’t even know exist, by listening to the answers your team share with you.

Communicating With Your Team

I always ask this it’s my opportunity to check in with my team. The tone, body language and how the reply sounds changes how you understand the answer.

Talking with your team is an essential communication skill to help us all to work better. This is how we find out how the day will go.

We can ask each other questions like:

  • How is everything,
  • What’s new,
  • What’s changed

and the next question now can be:

  • Is there a problem, and
  • What’s the solution?

When I ask how are you going, the answers can be all over the place. I could get a personal response like feeling great, back hurts, my kids drive me crazy or more. I also get answers about work, this is working, I can’t figure out how to do this, this is an issue, do you know how to fix this.

I give my team the opportunity to answer the question with what helps them. It’s all about communicating and working with my team.

Have you ever talked with a teenager who’s not happy? Go ahead, ask what’s wrong and get answered with “nothing”. Parents know it’s code that something really is wrong. We have to find out what is wrong and depending on the tone and body language of the reply, just how serious it is.

Go ahead, ask what’s wrong and get answered with “nothing”. Parents know it’s code that something really is wrong. We have to find out what is wrong and depending on the tone and body language of the reply, just how serious it is.

In business, you ask what’s wrong and when you hear "nothing", you could take it as the answer. After all, we are all adults, we would say if there is an issue, right?

Not always.

It’s much easier to say nothing is going wrong.  You think it’s fixable, you can ask someone else to help you before you say it’s not working, you worry about the response if it’s not working, or you are flat out scared of the person asking the question. I’ve answered that way in the past for all those reasons, and more.

When I am part of a team where I feel trusted and valued, I can stop saying “nothing is wrong”. Whatever the issue is, I get advice to fix it. If I’m stumped, I ask for help. I communicate with my team what’s not working and we find solutions. I love building and creating teams with this way of working. This makes your business work.

Learning to talk with your team is so important. Figuring out what’s happening in your business and your teams is always about communication. If you don’t know, you don’t know. You think you know, but you really don’t, and when it goes majorly wrong and you start finding out ‘everyone knew’ but you, it’s so much more work to fix it.

So how does this work?

First of all, don’t say “let’s talk”. Most of your team will see it as confronting, think they are in trouble and start the whole conversation on the defensive.

How are you going, what’s new, how’s everything, is the start of a conversation where they can say as much or as little as they are comfortable with. You get to direct the conversation after you start them talking.

Take the time if they want to have a quick chat about the weekend, family, sports or anything interesting. Let them feel relaxed so an open conversation can start.

You are building relationships with your team so giving your time to listen to them builds a stronger, better relationship.

Your team knows you are interested and you will build trust. When you each trust, more gets done. Productivity increases, solutions happen and mistakes are notified and fixed. Your team works with you, and you are no longer alone.

Talking with your team is so important.

I’ve built several successful teams and been a part of successful teams. The big difference I’ve noticed in ‘good’ vs ‘bad’ teams is relationships. If there is a good relationship, you have the start to a great team. If your team doesn’t care what happens to someone else, if you “just do your job”, the team isn’t a team, it’s a group of people doing their own thing. If it gets in your way, it’s just the way it is.

I am a ‘communication enthusiast’. I write posts and ebooks about communication with your team, and train teams where most of the training is about how to communicate. It’s this important.

It also has to be genuine. Faking it till you make it doesn’t work with communications or relationship building. Asking how are you and not even listening to the response won’t tick a box. You won’t be building a relationship, you will be destroying it and making it harder for anyone to trust you.

I mentioned earlier about talking about personal things can be a choice your team member makes when you ask how they are going. Let them do it. If they don’t want to share personal information, this is fine also. Let them tell you their answer to your question.

How are you going might be answered with a lot of talk about business. Your team member might not be comfortable talking about their personal life. You are still communicating. Talk about what helps make them comfortable with you.

Let your team make the choice on what works for them to answer. Don’t push for personal information is they want to talk about your business. Don’t push for business information if they want to share some personal things with you. It’s all about talking with your team. Enjoy the talk, enjoy the relationship and enjoy seeing your team become stronger each time you talk together.

Your team being comfortable talking with you will allow your business to have wins and successes, be up to date with your business and have your team willingly to let you know when problems or mistakes happen. Your business success is built upon the relationship your team has with you.

If you have trouble communicating with your team, we have to speak to each other.

Book a call now. It's really easy and I promise I won't bite.  I can help you, let's see how you are going. 

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