The Huge Importance of Leading Your Team Successfully

Find out the Huge Importance of Leading Your  Team Successfully


When you start Building Your Business Team, the importance of Leading your Team Succesfully seems obvious.  You should know how to lead, after all, you ARE the boss and this makes you the leader and you will lead your team.  A lot of “lead” in there, so I have to ask…

Do you really know how to lead?

Leading your Team Successfully

Leadership is setting the direction for your business and helping your team do the right things to maximize your goals and move your business forward. 

Sounds good and should be easy to do. It isn’t.

I could tell you lots of sound good, warm and fuzzy stuff about how you  are a natural leader and your team will come together.  It’s not true.  Leading your team is hard work. It’s good hard work as the results are worth it, and the value you and your business will receive is enormous.

Leading your team isn’t just about making a decision and having someone else do the work.  That’s management.  You are a manager as well, another hat you have to wear in your business, however leading your team is different from managing your team.  Stay with me, I’ll explain more.

I love Warren G Bennis quotes and this is one of my favorites.  “Leaders are people who do the right thing; managers are people who do things right.


As the leader of your team, you give guidance, instructions, directions, as well as understanding the big picture and the strategies for what has to be done. You control who does what, who works with how and when it needs to be completed.

How to Build Your Business Team in 7 Easy Steps

Build Your Business Team

You need help.  

How to Build your Team in 7 StepsYou can’t do what your business needs on your own anymore.  There is just too much to do.  You waste time doing jobs you don’t like, don’t know how to do or find boring.  You aren’t growing your business, you are just surviving!

Is this you?

You aren’t alone, many businesses are in this same situation. As you build your business, you have more to do to keep your business working, so you are a success.  

Enjoy that feeling and stop stressing that you can’t get work done.  It’s not possible for one person to do it all anymore.  Start building your team.

Step 1 – You!

Your team starts with you.  Accept you need someone to help you.  It can be casual, part-time or full-time and online or offline.  The first step is realising you need someone to help you.

You can keep on doing it all yourself, and keep needing help.  You can decide you can’t do it yourself anymore, and accept you need someone else in your business.

You remain in control, and decide what they will do for your business.  It’s what your business needs. Each business is different in what needs are required.  What my business needs, could be very different to what your business needs. (more…)

How to Record your Skype Calls with Evaer

How to Record your Skype Calls with Evaer


Evaer SoftwareFind out how you can record your Skype call  with Evaer for your client and have it work every time.  Stop worrying about your recording software letting you down by failing or not making a great recording.

Keep reading to find out how to record your Skype calls with Evaer and get a good recording of your call.

I started looking for a product to use with Skype to make sure I was always able to offer my clients a good recording of our call.  I had tried Camtasia and it would sometimes have it fail or suffer an error whilst waiting for it to produce the video.  I tried Audacity and had some problems with my soundcard.  Audacity is a great program, however I had conflicts with some of my audio hardware.  Making sure it worked every time was becoming a pain.  

I need a software that will allow my business coaching and consultant calls to be recorded and be confident it will work every time.  I use Skype almost exclusively for all of my calls, as I’m in Australia. (more…)

Wants vs Needs

Wants vs Needs

Wants vs Needs is really important with outsourcing.

I wanted a graphic designer to make images, create logos, make flyers and all that fiddly stuff that just takes up time if you aren’t really good at it. What I really needed was a VA who could find images to put on my blogs and posts, add in a watermark, make a few corrections and give it to me.

My want would have cost at least 3 times as much as what I needed and would have been a waste of money.

So I sat down and worked out what I wanted in my business, writing a long list of all the things I would love to have. Then I started going back over that list and marked what my business needed. The second list is ALWAYS much shorter. (more…)

Fill in your Outsourcers Hours

Fill in your Outsourcers Hours

Get the best value from your outsourcer or VA by filling in her outsourcers hours with tasks that can be done when they have time. This will stop issues where your outsoucer has nothing to do and is waiting on you. 

Now you can stop working to find work for your virtual assistant or outsourcer and start managing your business. 

How to get started

Work out all the tasks you have to do every week or month and consider giving them to your VA to do so you don’t have to. There are always tasks in your business needing to be done and you put off doing for your own reasons. They can be time consuming, repetitive, boring, or not part of your skills tasks, and they get left until you HAVE to do them. Then it’s a rush to get it done properly.
Once you have your list of weekly and monthly tasks, schedule a call/chat with your outsourcer and find out if she can do them. Some of the tasks could be already part of the reason why you hired your VA and some of them you will have no idea if she can do it. This is when you can get a surprise and find your VA has skills you never knew about. Your ourtsourcers hours are now used for your business.