Simple Solutions Today - Tania Shipman

Like you, business solutions expert and Amazon Book Author Tania Shipman has struggled with the concept of a full business solution. Is it filling a void in the market place? Is it automating and creating a hands off system? Or maybe by putting a band-aid over the problem and calling it fixed?

Unlike most business experts, Tania has spent decades discovering the true meaning to a business solution and how it helps you. With thousands of hours of hands on experience, Tania’s radical views on solving a problem has dubbed her as “The Solutions Queen”.

What Tania has uncovered is the clear definition of a business solution which is to take non working problems, methods, and ideologies and turning them into consistent, easy to use, concise systems that fill a void.

Tania is known for being able to bring out the best in people and their business by incorporating practical and real life advice from her years of developing systems and processes for government, non-profit, and business based organizations.

Tania has served as a consultant and manager for several government organizations while helping countless business owners develop a better business solution to increasing profit, leads, and productivity for their companies.

Her successes include: Developing successful remote teams for various markets, building and organizing a new archiving and records system for public school districts, the development of time and management systems for multiple business for increased productivity, creating a higher level of functionality and organization for existing teams among others.

Prior to her business solutions career, Tania has worked for various business and administrative, education, communications, health, and sales positions throughout the years.

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